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Ashiatsu Massage

Utilizing bars on the ceiling, your therapist will provide smooth broad deep strokes, compression, trigger point therapy, with their sanitized and manicured feet. This technique can accomplish a lot more than traditional Massage using the hands. If you like deep work or are sensitive to deep work, you may not be able to tolerate the broad pressure of Ashiatsu better than pinpoint deep work. Ashiatsu is a “deeper than deep tissue ” massage.

Ashiatsu Massage involves three main physiological components:
1. Increased Circulation: When applying Ashiatsu Massage techniques, lymph and blood circulation is increased at a much deeper and faster rate than regular hand massage. This occurs as a result of the therapist covering larger surface areas by utilizing gravity and a broader tool.
2. Compressive Force: The application of pressure, power, or exertion against an object which causes it to become compacted or compressed. Your Ashiatsu therapist utilizes compressive force by applying pressure to tissue by gravity and body weight. When applying a compressive force to a client, it’s always advised that they are healthy and injury-free.
3. Histamine Release: Ashiatsu may cause/ (but not always does) localized itching after a session, due to the chemical reaction taking place in the tissue. Clients need to be advised to apply ice if bothered by this and drink plenty of water to continue benefits of detoxing through Massage. Note: Stress and allergic reaction can also cause hives, if itching sensation location is more than one area, the client may be allergic to the cream/ oil.